Experience luxury pampering with Nishi Nails and Beauty’s Mango Manicure and Pedicure Kit. This five-step kit offers a luxurious treat for your hands and feet.

Enriched with natural mango extracts, it works wonders in reducing dark spots and blemishes, imparting a natural radiance to your skin. The professional-grade care ensures smoother, softer skin by removing dryness and enhancing texture.

From nourishing dry skin to soothing and improving skin texture, this kit delivers an all-encompassing care regimen. Its compact, travel-friendly packaging ensures the luxury of mango-infused care is accessible anytime, anywhere.





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Mango Pedicure Manicure Kit

Crafted to cater to diverse skin needs, this kit’s mango-infused care is perfect for everyone. Its formulation targets various skin concerns, making it a versatile solution.


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