SMOOTH CUTICLES IN SECONDS: Say goodbye to your thick and overgrown nail cuticles with NISHI CUTICLE REMOVER. It has a fast-acting formula that softens cuticles in seconds which shorten your manicure and pedicure time. Instant results!

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Nishi Cuticle Remover

KEEP NATURAL HEALTHY LOOKING NAILS: Cuticle performs an important role in nail health. It protects new nails from bacteria when they grow out from the nail root. Keep your fingernails and toenails always stay in shape with ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator.

SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Get rid of the toughest and thickest excess dead skins and cuticles around your nails without nippers and cutters! CUTICLE REMOVER gently dissolves unsightly hangnails and cuticles, so you can just easily push it back and get smooth cuticles in seconds. Safe to use on acrylics, gel and gel polish, too!

NAIL SALON MUST HAVE: Professional nail technicians and Nail Spas love CUTICLE REMOVER as it is very easy to use. Apply it to your nails within 45 seconds, gently push back the cuticles, and wash your hands to pull off its wonderful result. With ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator scraping thick and over grown cuticles off is 10x easier, hardly any effort!


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